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Soap:  Keep it dry!

The key to a long-lasting bar of natural soap is to keep it dry between uses!  Our soap mats are perfect for proper drainage.  Never leave your soap in a location where it would sit in water, this will eventually turn the bar into mush.  Also, keep your soap away from areas where it would constantly get wet - i.e. in the path of the shower head.  

Soap Trays and Mats:  Show a little love.

Our soap mats work hard to keep your soap around longer.  They allow proper drainage and absorb any leftover water.  Thus, they need some TLC from time-to-time.  As your soap is used up, there may be remnants stuck on the mat, either on the surface, or in the drainage holes. 


To Clean a Mat:

Thoroughly rinse the mat under warm water and dry completely.  If the soap residue is stubborn, soak the mat in a bowl of water.